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My Story

I fell in love with Scentsy Products after attending a few Scentsy Parties. I was shy to warm to the concept of Scentsy and only brought a Car Bar and a Scent Circle in LUNA. However I did tell my friends that it was a great idea for business.

At the next Scentsy Party I was feeling brave with the support Gwen the consultant I brought my very first warmer and ONE wax bar in LUNA of course, then I fell in love!

I needed to smell more wax so I decided to hosted my own Scentsy party and it all snowballed from there. My wonderful consultant Gwen sent me some mini testers first and I showed a friend, before I knew I was collecting what would be my very first orders. We had so much fun she said 'You need to do this.' but I was unsure.

I had such a amazing time with Gwen at my own Scentsy Party with all my friends enjoying the products I was more in love with Scentsy Products and the Spirit of Scentsy. They were saying 'You can do this." I was still unsure.

I could not stop thinking about Scentsy and what it could offer me as a stay at home mum to a preschooler, but most of all what I could gain from the Scentsy Spirit. I more than loved the products, I knew the products and was sharing it with everybody -I was still unsure but wanted more.

I wanted Scentsy! Something for myself, something that I felt passionate about, something I can do how I choose, something people enjoy. I found much more than Scentsy products, I found Scentsy Spirit -a team of amazing Scentsy lovers who support each other in many ways.

So much more than Scentsy products arrived in my Starter Kit. Confidence and friendship to name a few.

It is fair to say I am still head over heels with Scentsy and the Scentsy Spirit and enjoy sharing all the wonderful scents.